Divine Restoration Corporation is a for profit organization that offers wrap around services to women ages 18-25 who not only have substance abuse issues but who have also been affected by the plagues of the rising issue of domestic violence.

Our Mission

Who We Are

We here at Divine Restoration specialize in servicing all matters including the matters of the heart. We work from the inside out offering multiple services that will help our clients reintegrate into society well rounded and able to contribute to the society.


Divine Restoration Corporation offers services to women self referred, contracts with federal, state and local juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, as well social service agencies.

We are here to help you with...

Guided by the principles of a person- centered approach geared to assist those living in a community setting


Services that will improve upon the development of a confidential professional relationship that will focus on ones personal issues, objectives and goals in life. In collaboration with both inside and outside referral services,


Support provided between mentor and mentee where knowledge, wisdom, guidance and experience is offered to any one entering willing and ready to grow through this journey.

Referral Services

Outside referrals that will need to be made on a case by case basis (i.e. lawyers, doctors, clinicians, counselors, social services etc).  Advocacy - Independent from social services,


Clients will be provided with an individual that will be able to help defend, promote, express their rights, responsibilities, views and concerns in any matter they are involved with.

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“I’m different now because I have hope”

Davine Manson, the CEO and founder of Divine Restoration was interviewed by The Village. With the help from The Village's Financial Center, she was able to get her finances in order, following a traumatic brain injury that resulted from a domestic abuse incident. They helped her create and stick to a budget that helped her reach her savings goals.

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Being MisHandled in any form is uncalled for when all you had to do was LEAVE the relationship.


Here at MisHandled & Real Talk Tuesday with Aretha we have unadulterated conversation with women who have been in it and coming out of it VICTORIOUSLY

Taking care of your health is critical

Due to stress, the inability for many to cope and with the current climate of the world that we live in more and more individuals are turning to substances and the domestic violence abuse rates are climbing at an alarming rate.

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